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Schools Worldwide

Schools Worldwide

Schools Supported Worldwide

Embark on a journey of educational excellence with Canada Global Academy, your partner in providing quality education around the globe. Our commitment to fostering learning knows no boundaries, and we take pride in supporting numerous schools worldwide through our educational initiatives.

Canada Global Academy, in collaboration with Ethos Education, is transforming the landscape of accreditation for international schools. Through Ethos Education’s unique relationship, our ‘turn-key’ solution bypasses the traditional bureaucratic hurdles. This streamlined approach is quick, scalable, and designed to be utilized by local teachers. It directly registers international students located outside of Canada as ‘Canadian’ registered students with the Ontario Ministry of Education, opening up new possibilities for schools worldwide.

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Fostering Your Vision for Global Educations

Explore the global impact of Canada Global Academy and our esteemed partners.

Ontario Ministry of Education

Canada Global Academy & Ethos Education   proudly maintains an exclusive relationship with the Ontario Ministry of Education,  making us the sole entity outside of North America authorized to provide their award-winning Digital Learning Platform.  This serves our partner schools with curriculum content and lesson plans offering educational resources and tools to support them with various educational resources, tools, assessments, metrics and learning materials.

With this our accredited curriculum school program, international students (located outside of Canada) are registered as being “physically located” in Canada. This unique opportunity grants access to the Ontario Ministry of Education accredited school program, that has been ranked as the 4th best in the world (PISA).

This partnership exemplifies our commitment to meeting and exceeding the rigorous standards set by the ministry, ensuring that our e-learning platform aligns seamlessly with the educational values upheld by the province.

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Education Partnership

Ethos Education

Serving as a liaison between Canada Global Academy and the Ontario Ministry of Education,  facilitates the global implementation of these programs with comprehensive support, including recruitment, marketing, staff, and financial management. Partner schools also have access to the award winning Ontario Ministry of Education-approved Digital Learning Platform  and the Rosedale High School program.
The organization has successfully contributed to educational excellence worldwide, exemplified by the opening of the Canadian Bridge Academy, the first school outside North America offering the full K12 accredited Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. Watch this brief video of Martin Doherty, CEO of Ethos Education.

Education Partnership

Rosedale Global High School

As advocates for globally recognized education, Canada Global Academy proudly partners with Rosedale High School, our channel partner for the OSSD High School Program. Together, we are dedicated to providing a world-class education and shares our vision for academic excellence. There are over 95 secondary schools in 14 countries that partner with this OSSD program.

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Partner Schools Worldwide

Partner Schools Worldwide

At Canada Global Academy, partnerships are the cornerstone of our success. We collaborate with a network of esteemed K-12 private schools, creating a synergistic relationship that amplifies the impact of our shared mission.
Our partners benefit from a wealth of resources and support, ensuring a seamless integration of Canada Global Academy e-learning platform into their educational ecosystem. Through our adaptable courses, comprehensive assessments, and a suite of tools designed for excellence, we empower our partner schools to elevate their educational offerings and provide a world-class experience for their students.


Key Advantages of Our Partnership

Thank you for being a part of our global educational community.

Thank you for being a part of our global educational community. At Canada Global Academy, we believe in shaping the future through accessible and exceptional education, no matter where in the world you are. For inquiries about our educational programs or partnership opportunities, please contact us.

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