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How is Canada Global Academy Different from other International Schools?


Canada Global Academy

Discover what sets Canada Global Academy apart globally

Explore the essence of the Canada Global Academy program, embodying our commitment to excellence

Comprehensive Curriculum

Rigorously aligned with Ontario Ministry of Education standards for quality education.

Dynamic Experiences

Unique, hands-on learning for an enriching educational journey.

Innovative Learning

A modern and dynamic educational environment.

Adaptive Approach

A flexible, borderless e-learning platform, embracing technological advancements.

Global Accessibility

Bringing Canadian education worldwide, distinguishing us from traditional international schools.

Flexibility in Learning

Adaptable courses and scheduling cater to diverse learning needs.


Quality is Assured at Canada Global Academy

Ontario Ministry of Education Standards

Upholding rigorous Ontario Ministry of Education standards.

Continuous Improvement

Commitment to ongoing refinement and enhancement.

happy student hugging her father after receiving diploma on graduation day at the university

Canada Global Academy commits to delivering a high-quality education rooted in Canadian philosophy and best practices. Our mission centers on student-centered learning, emphasizing holistic growth, preparing students for success beyond the classroom, and instilling a powerful moral compass for lifelong learning.

Ontario Ministry of Education Integration

Students enrolled in our program are officially registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education as Canadian students being “physically located” in Canada, providing them with a solid foundation in the esteemed Ontario education system.

Each student is issued an Ontario Student Record (OSR) with a unique Ontario Education Number (OEN) upon registration. The OSR is a comprehensive record that tracks educational progress, allowing for smooth transitions between schools within Ontario.

The OSR facilitates seamless transfers between other Ontario schools, ensuring continuity in education and eliminating disruptions in the academic journey.

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Ontario Student Transcripts and Report Cards

Students receive official report cards each year, providing a detailed record of their academic achievements and progress within the Ontario education framework.

Upon graduation from our International University Program, students are awarded Ontario Student Transcripts, a globally recognized document that further validates their academic accomplishments.

Benefits of Ontario Ministry of Education Affiliation

Students benefit from global recognition while adhering to the high standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, ensuring a well-rounded and rigorous education.

The integration with the Ontario education system eases transitions for students, whether they continue their academic journey within Ontario or pursue higher education internationally

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