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Meet Out Team


Martin Doherty, CEO

Canada Global Academy was founded with a visionary spirit, driven by a profound commitment to shaping the future of global education. Our founder, Martin Doherty, envisioned a platform that transcends geographical boundaries, offering students and schools worldwide access to the unparalleled quality of Canadian education.

Martin Doherty brought together a team of passionate educators, technologists, and visionaries, united by the belief that education should be borderless, flexible, and tailored to the diverse needs of learners. The founder’s foresight continues to guide Canada Global Academy in its mission to empower students and partner schools for success in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Sheryl Castro


Sheryl Castro

Introducing Sheryl Castro, one of our key Teacher Trainers at Canada Global Academy. With a Master’s in Education majoring in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education, Sheryl is a licensed teacher with diverse international teaching experience, including in Dubai, UAE, and the Philippines.

Proficient in E-learning and Teaching Strategies, Sheryl brings valuable expertise to our team, integrating technology seamlessly into education. As our Teacher Trainer, she plays a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards of Canadian academics, contributing to the academic excellence that defines our institution. Sheryl’s commitment to education and her key role in shaping the future of learning make her an indispensable part of our team.

Elementry Education Trainer

Simeon Olong

Simeon Olong brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role as Academic Director of the CGA Elementary Division. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Planning and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, solidifying his foundation in educational leadership and curriculum development. Simeon is certified both as a both principal for American common core (COGNIA) and as a CGA certified trainer for the Ontario Ministry of Elementary Education.

Simeon has extensive experience using the Ontario Ministry of Education digital platform for instruction, with a strong commitment to fostering academic excellence, 


Secondary Education Trainer​

Ade Adesanya

Ade brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table as the Academic Director of the CGA High School Division.  A pioneer member of the OSSD program, his deep understanding of the program makes him an invaluable asset to both CGA and its partner schools.

Ade holds a National Certificate in Education (NCE), a Bachelor of Science in Education (B.Sc.Ed), and a Master of Science in Education (M.Sc.Ed) – all in Science Education.  This dedication to his field is further highlighted by his professional training at Cambridge University, UK.

Ade is also a Certified Trainer with Rosedale Global High School, demonstrating his passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.


Paul Codley

Meet Paul Codley, our dedicated English Language Advisor at Canada Global Academy. With extensive experience in the EFL sector since 1984, Paul is known for his efficiency, motivation, and positive values.

Paul has held significant roles, including serving as an ESP (JFLT/TPT/TEA) Aviation Language and GE Tester for the Italian Air Force. His educational journey includes a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages from Essex University, UK, in 1984, along with certifications in CELTA and T.E.A Administration.

In his role at Canada Global Academy, Paul contributes to reshaping education, aligning with our commitment to excellence in language instruction and overall academic success.

Paul Codley


Introducing our Academic Coach Team, a cadre of Senior International Educators providing specialized attention to various facets of academic support in partner schools. Whether it’s curriculum alignment, professional development, educational consultation, performance monitoring, data analysis, or quality assurance, our team works in tandem to ensure a comprehensive and efficient approach. Through close coordination and collaboration, we tailor strategies to enhance academic excellence and address the unique needs of each school for optimal student success. This ongoing support is dedicated to empowering our partner schools on their educational journey.

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