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International University Pathway Program (IUPP)

Transforming Student Lives

(Some of our 2022 OSSD Graduation Class who received over $3,600,000 in University Scholarships)


100% Tuition Waiver+ £50,000 GBP living allowance

Student: Htoo Aung Mon
Country: Myanmar University: University of York (UK)
Program: Business Administration



Student: Claoluwa Olugbenle
Country: Nigeria
University: Clarkson University (USA)
Program: Computer Engineering


CAD $780,000 combined

Student: Hauwa Ahmed
Country: Nigeria​
University: University of Ottawa (Canada)
Program: Biomedicine
*Hauwa received 12 offers


USD $168,940

Student: Yuqiao Zeng
Country: China
University: Lawrence University (USA)​​
Program: Anthropology

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Why Choose Our International University Pathway Program (IUPP)

Embrace a Globally Recognized Education with Canada’s Seal of Quality.

Embark on a transformative educational journey with Canada Global Academy’s University Pathway Program, where global recognition seamlessly converges with the high standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Canada Global Academy’s University Pathway Program goes beyond preparing students for global success; it ensures that their educational journey aligns seamlessly with the prestigious standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Join us on this path to academic excellence, where recognition knows no borders, and students are equipped for success on a global stage.

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Canada Global Academy's

Global Recognition with Ontario Standards: A Distinctive Edge

Canada Global Academy’s University Pathway Program stands out, providing a unique advantage over other systems, particularly the International Baccalaureate (IB). Our program combines comprehensive university preparation, a holistic approach, and an emphasis on real-world readiness, making it a beacon for students seeking global recognition within the framework of Ontario standards.

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Canada Global Academy's

University Fast Track Pathway Program 

There is also 1 or 2 year OSSD University Pathway Program  focusing on Grade 11/12 courses required for international students to apply to  global universities around the world.

This is often employed as part of a Dual Degree Program or as a standalone choice for students whose current school degree program is not aligning with their desired university options or is not adequately preparing them academically.

Canada Global Academy‘s University Pathway Program  is meticulously crafted to not only prepare students for university entrance but to ensure their success at any university worldwide.  Whether students aspire to study at renowned institutions in North America, Europe, Asia, or any corner of the globe, Canada Global Academy’s International University Program ensures they are not only prepared for entrance but poised for success. Embrace a credential that knows no boundaries, and join us on the path to universally recognized excellence.

Comprehensive University Preparation

Bridge to Success: Our Comprehensive University Preparation isn’t just about academic achievement; it’s a bridge to success that spans the realms of Holistic Approach and Real-World Readiness. We focus on equipping students with academic prowess and practical skills, ensuring they navigate university life with confidence and emerge workforce-ready.

Holistic Approach

Our program adopts a holistic approach, equipping students with the academic, critical thinking, and research skills essential for success in any university setting.

Real-World Readiness

Beyond entrance requirements, we emphasize real-world readiness, instilling practical skills that make students adaptable and competitive in today's globalized workforce.

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The OSSD enjoys global recognition and acceptance without the need for additional external assessments.

OSSD Recognition: A Global Advantage

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), earned through our program, is universally recognized and accepted at ALL universities in ALL countries.

Unlike some other systems, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), the OSSD ensures seamless global mobility for students. It opens doors to universities worldwide, offering unparalleled flexibility in academic pursuits

The OSSD is respected for its high standards and is a testament to the rigorous education provided by Canada Global Academy, making it a preferred credential for universities globally. The program ensures global recognition, empowering students to pursue higher education opportunities across borders.

Unlike some other programs, our approach does not limit students’ choices; they are free to apply to any university of their preference globally.

Beyond academic excellence, our program places a strong emphasis on practical skills, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges of university life and beyond.

The OSSD enjoys global recognition and acceptance without the need for additional external assessments.

Class of 2023 University Acceptance

The High School Class of 2023 received letters of offer from 14 countries with an average of 3.8 university offers per student. In 2023, university offers by destination country include Canada (42%), UK (41%), USA (9%), Australia (7%) and a smaller percentage of additional countries.


There are 59 University-Bound Courses for Creating Personalized Learning Paths

Customizable Curriculum

Schools have the flexibility to adapt the program, ensuring that students receive a personalized education that aligns with their career goals and academic interests.

Diverse Learning Paths

Recognizing the varied aspirations of students, our program offers diverse learning paths, allowing them to tailor their education for success in their chosen fields.

Envision the Potential of Our Collaboration

Canada Global Academy is committed to forging robust partnerships with schools worldwide, offering access to tailored education and transformative learning experiences. Dedicated counselors provide expert guidance on current trends in international university admissions, supporting students throughout their journey. With our academic administration and global education partnerships teams, we stand ready to assist partner schools, teachers, and students in reaching their aspirations.

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