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Exploring School Ownership with Canada Global Academy

Exploring Ownership

Embarking on the School Ownership Journey with Canada Global Academy

In the intricate realm of school ownership, Canada Global Academy beckons those who defy convention. Contrary to the common belief that one must be an educator or possess an educational background, Canada Global Academy defies the norm. Our school owners emerge from diverse professional landscapes, bound together not by a common profession but by shared values: a profound love for learning, an entrepreneurial spark, a yearning to own a venture of significance, and an unwavering passion for the Canada Global Academy philosophy.

The essence of Canada Global Academy school ownership transcends the traditional. It’s a calling for individuals who view education not merely as a sector but as an avenue to sculpt positive changes in children’s lives and within their communities.
Embarking on the Canada Global Academy journey requires more than just a financial commitment; it demands a fusion of skills, interests, and professional experiences. Our school partners aren’t just stakeholders; they’re fervent advocates of education. Energized, business-minded, and team-oriented, they proudly wear the mantle of Canada Global Academy brand ambassadors.

As we navigate through the meticulous steps of our application process, our primary objective is clear: to ascertain whether you align with the ethos of Canada Global Academy school ownership and, reciprocally, if the prospect resonates with you.

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Profile of a Prospective Canada Global Academy School Owner

 A solid foundation of funds for the project

The ability to commit for the long haul.

Expertise in business and management.

Proficiency in sales and marketing strategies.

A direct link to education (as a school director or teacher) or a profound appreciation for academics.

A deep desire to own a legacy business and make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and the community.

A willingness to follow a proven, successful system.

Enjoyment in working with both children and parents.

Cultivate Success

Come Grow With Us!

The financial tapestry for a Canada Global Academy school owner is diverse, considering factors such as:

In the realm of financial considerations, Canada Global Academy’s ownership structures vary across our extensive international network. Our owners span from those overseeing multiple schools or holding development rights across several countries to single school owners and operators.

In this nuanced journey of educational entrepreneurship, Canada Global Academy invites you to not just own a school but to become a sculptor of educational legacies and a catalyst for positive change.

Partnership Onboarding Fee

Covering a spectrum of services from real estate selection to school design, the fee varies based on the country and expansion agreement.


An ongoing percentage of student fees collected, ensuring continuous support in training, operations, marketing, supplier relations, and periodic school evaluations. In certain cases, a Marketing Development Fund may come into play with the establishment of multiple schools in a country.

School Set-Up

Encompassing the costs of launching a Canada Global Academy school, whether through new construction or the conversion of an existing space. This includes furnishings, academic resources, and play materials, with fees contingent on the country and expansion agreement.

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Partner with Excellence

Pathways to Become a Canada Global Academy School Partner

2 Business Models

Launch Your Dream School or Elevate Your Existing One
Partner with Canada Global Academy

Deliver a World-Class Education & Attract International Students

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Gain International Accreditation

Reduce Staffing Costs

Bypass Outdated Regulations

Guaranteed Support

Empower Teachers, Elevate Learning